Pharmaceutical Companies Put Profit over People

Drug Companies and ProfitPharmaceutical companies around the world bring in over $300 billion dollars a year in revenues, and if their products are successfully making people better than that money may be well deserved. But all too often these companies are bringing defective, harmful products to market and innocent people end up getting hurt.

Perfect examples of this can be seen in the stories told during Januvia lawsuits, Victoza lawsuits and a DePuy hip replacement lawsuit. In each of these cases people who only wanted to get better ended up with much worse physical problems then they started out with as a result of pharmaceutical company negligence.

Getting Worse Instead of Better

When pharmaceutical companies and medical device companies create a product to bring to market it is supposed to do more than sell and make money for them. It is supposed to do what it promises and do so safely. In the case of the diabetes drugs Victoza and Januvia and the DePuy metal hip implant, this was not the case.

In each of these examples many patients ended up in worse condition then when they started after having used the products. Januvia lawsuits and Victoza lawsuits have been filed as a result of the drugs causing thyroid and pancreatic cancer, and DePuy hip replacement lawsuits have been filed because the devices were defective and caused pain, poisoning and required replacement.

Patients have Few Options

Patients trust that the medications that are on the market are safe for them to use and that the products provided to physicians for surgery are as well. When they aren’t it is the patients who suffer pain, illness and expense. After all is said and done the only option patients may have is to file a negligence lawsuit.

Those people who have filed a Januvia lawsuit, a DePuy hip replacement lawsuit or a Victoza lawsuit, as well as many others who have been harmed by drug company negligence seek nothing but justice for the wrong that has been done to them. They want the companies to pay for their expenses and to stop selling dangerous products that hurt people.

Drug Company Lawsuits Bring Justice

Filing for compensation in a Januvia lawsuit, a Victoza lawsuit, a DePuy hip replacement lawsuit or in any other case of drug company negligence accomplishes two things. They get justice for the victims and they force the companies to pay more attention and stop bringing defective, dangerous products to market.